About Me

Hi and welcome to Me YourHealthy Corner website. 

Staying healthy has never been an important matter to me during my younger days. I eat what I like although not extremely. However, as I grow older and wiser, health is important.

In Malaysia, we are spoiled with limitless food snacks. I am sure you know what I mean. Being a multicultural country, we have access to food and snacks from different cultures.

The question is, are these snacks healthy? Hmm, you be the judge.

Well, all I can say is some are really not healthy but I am not asking you to give up Malaysian snacks. Only to consume moderately. You need not eliminate snacks for health reasons because healthy snacking is possible!

I want to show you how.


My husband has been eating walnuts for years. Why? Walnuts help lower cholesterol. That’s the only answer I got from him.

Later, I found walnuts to be acidic. Acidic food is one of the contributing factors to joint pain and body ache. This explains his continuous complaint of neck and shoulder ache. 

Having said so, this does not mean to stay away from walnuts as they have many nutritional values benefiting health. it is just a matter of how to vary the consumption and include them in your daily diet.

Many types of nuts, seeds and dried fruits are healthy. Would you consider these as healthy snacks? 

I want you to be more informed. 


As the saying goes, sharing is caring. The information I have gathered over the years and now onwards, I like to share.

Healthy news is good news. Surely, you like to be informed about food and matters pertaining to your health.

Know what you eat to stay healthy.


I do not want you to stop snacking. We, Malaysians love food and our kuih-muih. I do and still, continue having them. Yummy!

However, let’s incorporate healthy snacks to your snacking habits.

Here, I wish to let you know you can snack healthily. Health benefits of snack ingredients will be shared with you. Also, how you can include them in your everyday meals.

You ought to know no matter how healthy the food is, there are bound to have certain side effects. For instance, walnut may help lower cholesterol but is slightly on the acidic side. I shall do my best to keep you well informed, good and bad.

I always believe this – moderation is the key to healthy living.

If you ever need certain information with regards to healthy snacks, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them to my best knowledge.

All the best,